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Sir Isaac Newton and the Coming Invasion of Iran

by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers

my apartment, a man by the name of Faramarz runs his business. Faramarz is such
a nice, friendly guy – one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.
Faramarz has been in Japan for over 21 years. He is one of the few foreigners I
have met who has been here longer than I.

Faramarz is married to a Japanese
and his business sells exquisite, handmade Persian Carpets. These are some of
the largest and most beautiful carpets I've ever seen. They are the kind of
things you would see on the floor of a palace or the office of the CEO of some
huge Japanese company. I imagine that carpets like these grace the floors of
places like Buckingham Palace or the Taj Mahal. Faramarz's handmade carpets are
as beautiful and detailed as any you will ever see.

Faramarz has two employees named
Ramin and Aribizu. These guys impress me so much. They are so friendly and
intelligent. They can each speak more than three languages and their English is
superb. It's amazing that they come from what many of us in the west would
consider a "backward third-world country."

person I have ever met from their country was extremely intelligent and
proficient in several languages. One of my best friends in college was from the
same place, and he could speak English, French, Russian, and Farsi. Farsi, as
some of you may know, is the native language of people from Persia – or what we
now call Iran.

Last night, Faramarz invited me over
to sit and chat in his office for a few minutes. It was fun. Faramarz and his
two employees had a wager on a sale that they were working on. The sale didn't
go through; Faramarz lost the bet, so he had to buy ice cream for everyone. I

"What a bunch of sincere,
easy-going, peaceful people."

Faramarz and I started to discuss
world events and I spent my time trying to explain the thinking of my
countrymen. Faramarz and his friends all seemed to feel sorry for me. Well, not
for me exactly – but for you, me, all of us we call, "Americans."

You see, this kind of thinking I
have found quite common over these last few years when I meet people from other
countries (and I meet quite a lot due to my job). It all boils down to this:

"Everyone all over the world likes
American people. We just hate your government."

In the last year I have met people
from Bulgaria, Romania, China, Thailand, Korea, Australia, England, Scotland,
New Zealand, France, Afghanistan, and Kenya. And they all said basically the
same thing. People everywhere are beginning to despise the United States.

talk then went into the Chinese concept of "Ying and Yang." Faramarz explained
to me that what is going on in the Middle East all fits in perfectly with the
concept of Ying and Yang. In Japan, this concept is described as, "Dark versus

I was a bit surprised to hear
Faramarz explain his take on this concept to me. I would expect to hear
something like this from someone from China or Korea, but someone from Iran?

Then again, when you realize that
the Middle East has always been the road to the Far East, it shouldn't be too
surprising to hear them speaking a philosophy that mirrors
Asian thought

Simply put, Ying and Yang represent
the balance of everything in the world. Dark and light, good and evil, you and

Yang is the spirit of "light." He
has the side of good and light. We and everything else that is not dark. Ying
is, of course, the complete opposite. Ying is the "dark" part of the spirit.
Evil and darkness; defeat is on his side of the balance.

In this Eastern philosophy, balance
is everything. If something falls, something else must come back. That means if
one manages to become the most powerful, the entire universe will be out of
balance. So if Yang won, everything in the world would be happy – but not for
long, for the balance would be upset. And for as long as Yang is in power, the
reverse effect must come into play, and Ying will dominate after that for an
equal or longer period of time – until the cycle reverses itself again.

course many Westerners might just chuckle at this silly "Eastern" notion. But
last night it dawned on me: I realized that this concept of "Ying and Yang" is
exactly the same as Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion, called "Principia
Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis
," published in 1686. Isaac Newton

"...that for every action (force) there is an
equal and opposite reaction."

All actions are "forces," so this
undisputable law says every force has an equal and opposite force. For every
action, there is a reaction. For every behavior, there is a consequence. Like
the rock thrown into the pond, the ripples radiate out, eventually hitting the
shore, and then again returning to its center. For every act, a consequence.

One might take issue with my
interpretation of how Ying and Yang and Newton's Third Law of Motion are,
ultimately, the exact same thing. But I think anyone could see where there is a

Furthermore, could any educated
person in the entire Western world argue with Newton's Third Law of Motion? I
don't think so. Agreed?

Whether you want to call it Ying and
Yang or Newton's Law, it is an undeniable fact that every action has an equal

That's why now I'd like to tell you
folks in America a little more about Persia (Iran):

Did you know that

is one of the oldest civilizations in the world? And that Persia was
once one of the largest empires the world had ever seen?

Did you know that, even though
Persia has lost battles, it has never been conquered even once in over 3,000

Did you know that
has more than three times the population of Iraq, and 63% of that population is
under 31 years old? Did you also know that, geographically speaking, Iran is
four times larger than Iraq?

Did you know that Iran's economy was
twelve times the size of Iraq's, as of 2003?

Did you also know that, although no
one is sure of the total casualties during the

Iran-Iraq war of 1979 to 1988
, estimates range from 800,000 to 1 million
dead, at least 2 million wounded, and more than 80,000 taken prisoner? That
there were approximately 2.5 million who became refugees and whose cities were
destroyed? That the financial cost is estimated at a minimum of $200 billion?
And even though, according to some estimates, Iran lost about one million
soldiers, it was still not defeated?

Of course, you do know that now the
Bush administration and the neocons are setting America up for a war with Iran.

With George W. Bush as your next
president, go ahead, America, attack Iran. But, as sure as the sun will rise
tomorrow, you will be forced to pay the piper. And it will, most certainly, be a
catastrophically heavy price.

Please don't send me mail arguing
with me about this observation. Argue instead with Ying and Yang – or, better
yet, argue with Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion:

"...for every action (force) there is an equal
and opposite reaction."

Thanks to my good friend,
Anthony Gregory,
in the editing of this article.

September 17, 2004

Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers [send
him mail
] was born and raised in the USA and moved to Japan in 1984. He has
worked as an independent writer, producer, and personality in the mass media for
nearly 30 years.

Copyright © 2004 LewRockwell.com

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